Plantation Ping X 26 Years Old Trinidad Rum

Ping X Trinidad 26 Years is probably one of the most coveted rums from Plantation. And with good reason! It is the legendary distillery, Caroni, that has delivered the rum in the bottle. Caroni is now closed and the chances of tasting rum from their famous kettles are becoming fewer and fewer. But Plantation Ping X is also an atypical Caroni, with the typical notes of diesel, tar and freshly laid asphalt bending for a delicate caramel sweetness. Ping X has been released in connection with the owner of Juul's Wine and Spirits, Michael Madsen's 40th anniversary in the industry. The rum is bottled in a nice carafe bottle and comes in a magnificent, lacquered wooden box. Color: Dark mahogany Aroma: Very rich and intense aroma with maple syrup and roasted chestnuts, sandalwood, leather, sweet licorice and orange with cloves. Taste notes: Heavy and opulent. A cornucopia of cream caramel, coffee and the top of the dream cake. Serving suggestions: Should be drunk clean Maison Ferrand, led by spirits guru Alexandre Gabriel, is the company behind some of the most essential cognac, rum and gins in the modern spirits landscape. Under the umbrella are Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Plantation Rum and Citadelle Gin, rum under the brand Kaniché and cognac under the name Claude Chatelier. In addition, a number of luxury liqueurs are produced, of which especially their curaçao has aroused enthusiasm in cocktail bars around the world. The company embraces broadly, but common to every single drop is an unwavering dedication to quality. Maison Ferrand was created with one mission: to preserve France's gastronomic treasures. Alexandre has made a virtue out of breathing life into old and long-forgotten traditions, and the eternally eager Frenchman is known, among other things, for dusting and buying up old archives from bankrupt houses, to learn more about the production methods of the past. But Ferrand also understands the value of renewal, and today innovation is valued as highly as tradition. This is clearly seen in the Citadelle Gin brand. Being allowed to distill gin in Cognac required five years of bureaucratic struggle against the area's stubborn liquor giants. Since then, the company has spread beyond France's borders, and today Ferrand is perhaps best known for its series of rums. Under the name Plantation, Alexandre buys rum from many different countries in the Caribbean and stores them in France on cognac casks. The series includes rum for both the beginner and the connoisseur, for both the daiquirie and the Glencairn glass. In 2017, the company bought the Barbados distillery West Indies Rum Distillery, and now also has its own rum production from scratch.

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