Silver Seal Demerara 13 års Port Mourant 2003

Silver Seal Demerara 13 Years Old Port Mourant 2003

In Guyana there are the last two original Wooden Pot Stills in the world – one goes by the name "Port Mourant". For over 250 years these have been used to produce "Demerara Navy Space" for the British Navy and are thus the epitome of classic Navy Space.

The double Wooden Pot Still (Port Mourant) comes from the Port Mourant Estate, which was founded in 1732. In 1964, the distillation device was moved to Uitvlugt Estate, after which it came to Diamond Distillery in 2000.

To this day, Port Mourant Still produces the very type of rum that back in ancient times, a type of rum that is prized by rum blenders and aficionados around the world. The rum is rich in flavour and possesses a very deep aroma - the old Green Heartwood, which makes up the majority of the boilers still plays a major role in the development of the taste characteristics.

Massimo Righi has now bought a platter of rum produced by Port Mourant Still at Demerara Distillers in Guyana. It's the first rum from Port Mourant to be bottled under the Silver Seal brand, except for the two 37-year-old bottling bottles in 2013.

The rum is taken from dish number 36 and is tapped at 51% alcohol. Truly an investment object.

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