A H Riise Non Plus Ultra Ambre d´or Excellence

A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra "Ambre d'Or Excellence" stands on the shoulders Non Plus Ultra "Very Rare", and is a mild yet extravagant interpretation of the ultimate drink.

A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra "Ambre d'Or Excellence" creates its magic in many ways. Ripen in specially selected superior dishes. Using old dishes requires long experience and wisdom in rumblending. A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra "Ambre d'Or Excellence" is the result of a true craftsmanship from the trusted master blender.

The use of the oldest and best dishes, which, as here, were previously used to ripen sweet and subtle dessert wines, gives an unprecedented taste of ripe fruit and warm spices. It really is a unique sensory explosion you for the pleasure of. The color is a warm golden like the fossil amber that got its name in the late 19th century. The French "ambre" is chosen out of respect for the French and their suplime ability to make the wine, which these beautiful and delicate rum drops could not have been without.

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