Silver Seal Jamaica 2000 Long Pond Distillery 16 Years Old Rum

This rum is produced at the closed distillery Long Pond in Jamaica. Long Pond Distillery is known for their full bodied pot still rum, and this is no exception. Long Pond Distillery is still available in Jamaica, but stopped producing in 2012. Seagram started production of rum at Long Pond in 1954, but the Jamaican government bought the distillery back in 1977, to be again taken over by an association of financial companies and individuals in 1993. The distillery was closed for environmental reasons, as at the time it was not possible to treat excess deer properly and thus safely dispose of it without affecting the environment. However, it has emerged that Long Pond is about to reopen shortly.

It is not reported whether this bottling is a mixture of boiler and column-distilled rum, but since Long Pond had both sets of apparatus, there is the possibility of a mixture – but one thing is certain – that is surely boiler-distilled rum in its single cask rum. The nose is heavy on sun-ripened fruits and is filled with lovely esters. The taste is equally rich and classic "Jamaica" in taste - great!

Truly an investment object. Single cask room at its best!

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